Would You Do It For Me?

Would you like to...

Go on a great adventure?
Get free from the burden of debt?
Write a book, sing a song, or paint a picture?
Overcome fear, stress, hardship and anxiety?
Be accepted and find the love you always cherished?
Know your purpose and your destiny?

Well, you can!

Would You Do It For Me? is about knowing and believing God regardless of who you are or what you have done. In good times or in bad times, faith really is the answer. What God has done for one child, He will do for another. He will show us things about Himself, His kingdom, and ourselves that we never imagined in our wildest dreams-if we will just allow Him to be an active part of our lives.

Would You Do It For Me? is about lifestyle and process; it's about responding to God-when it's hard and hurts, and when it's all joy and easy. It's about living your faith honestly with the living God.

Dr. Gael B. Hogan, who grew up near Valley Forge, PA, is known for her honest transparency, dry humor, and bubbly personality. Her desire is for people to know how truly real God is, and how He desires to be part of every aspect of our lives. With a gift for expression, she is a teacher, speaker, writer, and artist. But her biggest accomplishment is being a wife, mother of six, and grandmother of four. She and her husband, Mike, are chaplains with International Fellowship of Chaplains and live in Sanford, NC.


My dear friend Gael Hogan has published a book and I'd like to encourage you to read it.

I've known Gael for many years and she is one of the strongest examples I have for knowing I can have a very real relationship with God. Not a relationship based on religion. Not a relationship based on legality. Not a relationship based on guilt. I mean an honest
know Him kind of relationship.

Gael is down to earth, funny, intelligent, beautiful, creative, honest to a fault, heart of gold, and on top of that she has an uncanny gift of discernment that scares me sometimes.  (Smile)

I often accuse her of having a direct line to God and tell her  "Gael, I think God talks to you more than He talks to me". Gael's response?  "No, I just know how to listen."  She is right, she does know how to listen. I want to know how to do that too.

Kim Womack - Sanford, NC